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Secret Space Program Whistleblowers Under Scrutiny – Response to Richard Dolan
There is still a lot to be said for investigating and researching into the "#SSP" or Secret Space Program...But surely the criteria for adjudicating on what does and does not represent evidence cannot lay with just one group or individual?... Particularly when there is at least agreement that secrecy is involved? #Kwamla_ETs
Release Sep 2017 The long awaited sequel to the trailblazing 2010 film, 'Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge', part 2- 'Ancestral Voices: Spirit is Eternal', is a 5 year project that involved travels to Brazil, Haiti, South Africa and the United States to interview initiates and scholars.
It is a systemic exploration of African spiritual philosophies and practices across millennia and space, from the ancient Black Egyptians to contemporary times on the continent and its legacies in the Diaspora such as Vodou or Candomble. It highlights the commonalities across the various systems proving they share a common source and are but different branches of the same tree. Topics covered include the African conception of the Creator/‘God’, Nature and the natural forces, nature of humanity, Ancestral veneration and communication, various rituals and forms of prayers for living an African centred spiritual life. It is a groundbreaking narrative that connects many dots in African cosmology and indigenous spirituality, the most comprehensive to date. For more information see website below #ancestralvoices #spiritiseternal #africanspirituality #orishas
Well this was kept quiet <3
This is what is getting all those minority white wealthy elites really scared! They won't and their children's children won't be around much longer. They are naturally dying off. It is also the main reason for the covert Eugenics programs they secretly try to implement onto the majority world's non-white populations. (see Bill Gates vaccination programs) #whiteFalseSupremacy
High-Ranking Republican Asks NASA Bizarre Question About Martians Live On TV
Actually, this is not as bizarre as it could be suggested... The Fact that such questions are being asked at this level of official public scrutiny should tell us all how credible questions of ET life has become. It also exposes on the record how #NASA lies and is continuing to do so despite the mounting contrary evidence.. #Kwamla_ETs 😄
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